Energy Medicine Squared

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.

Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is comprised of a wide range of alternative and complementary medicine (CAM) tools using forces that naturally surround us and interact with us, such as: vibration, sound, electricity, pressure, gravity, heat, and magnetism.

The end result is that by using a variety of hands-on and/or hands-off techniques, subtle energy changes can impact and influence health and wellness. This has been well documented! Looking for events or services?

What is Energy Medicine Squared?

It's a reference to our two primary CAM tools: energy and sound healing.

One of our favorite energy medicine tools is energy healing. We like Reiki. Apparently, Dr. Oz agrees with us.

Dr. Oz has embraced the healing power of Reiki!

From a recent student! Thanks for sharing with us your success!

"I just wanted to share that I used Reiki on an autistic student having a meltdown today. No one could get him to come inside the building. He was in the fetal position on the playground. I went to him (we have a rapport) and was able to get him inside and calm him by using reiki (well, nobody knew but I did). He’s highly sensory sensitive too, but he let me touch his forehead and ears. I held his back and hands as I walked him into the building. It made my heart full."

We have locked in May 29-June 4, 2022 for the next one! Come with us! Here are all the dolphin trip details.

"Everyone needs to take a class with you. I understand why Reiki Masters still come to your class. It is amazing! I think about my experience there (years ago) almost every day." Dianne Darling

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Please note that EM2 does not offer medical advice or diagnosis. You are encouraged to discuss the complementary and alternative modalities you are using with your primary healthcare provider. The tools used by EM2 and collaborators are designed to be supportive of (complementary) conventional treatments.

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Next stop: Virginia, The Monroe Institute, March 23-29, 2019

Energy Medicine Squared Course - We offer courses in the US and abroad. Look, we even have subtitles! Spain here we come!

How Can You Get Reiki I, II and Masters in 6 days, Spain, Ariki.mp4

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Love this video created by a Gateway Voyager Participant who attended The Monroe Institute in 2018.

Our Energy Medicine Workshop at The Monroe Institute before class.

Energy Medicine Squared

If you enjoyed this video, there are plenty more where that came from.

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You will find videos covering how to easily improve sleep, reduce chemotherapy side effects, overcome anxiety, reduce pain, minimize stress and much more.

It's no secret. We love sound!

One of our favorite tools is sound technology, or more specifically, we prefer Monroe Sound Science and Hemi-Sync

Why do we love the sound technology?

We know it works and helps many.

It's inexpensive and well-vetted. Not only that, but we also have written tons about it. We have plenty of articles on the subject. Here's one about Hemi-Sync basics.

Girl listening with headsets

Downloads Available Here!

Headsets showing frequencies

Here's a great article to help you make the most of your Hemi-Sync experience!

Use Binaural Benefits for specific issues:

Here's the Hemi-Sync catalog.

There are over 300 titles. We are more than happy to help you figure it out. All you have to do is email us.