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Allyn Evans is excited to introduce the DNA Based Lifestyle Program, which is a wellness enhancement program designed to strengthen and support the body’s own natural ability to maintain and repair itself.

Allyn is collaborating with Mike Hendricks, who has developed the DNA raw-data evaluation system. After a client receives their DNA report, Mike performs the evaluation. Allyn works with her clients to create a lifestyle program to support personal goals and overall wellbeing.

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Discovering the differences hidden in your DNA is the first step in realizing your wellness potential.

What we do know ...

The human organism is a self-regulating whole. Body systems are intended to interact with each other and the environment. As we age, small errors can develop as a normal result of metabolic processes, but are normally corrected by the natural mechanisms.

Over time and with exposure to chemical cues from the environment and less than optimum diet, a slow failure of that repair mechanism itself can begin to occur. This allows errors previously caught and corrected in the body to begin to accumulate.

Brocoli sprouts are highly beneficial.

Some foods contain chemical compounds that can serve to “reset” the repair mechanisms, and allow the body to return to a self-balancing state of repair, which can also allow the cellular instructions to operate as intended.

The instruction set directing self-balancing is the DNA found in almost every human cell. In essence, it is the “cookbook” containing the recipes to create the proteins that form our bodies. While we all share most of the same recipes or genes, some differ. This is the reason for the differences you can see between people such as eye and hair color, height, skin color and all the other things that make us who we are.

These differences extend into the cellular level and are found in things such as blood type and muscle type. How we respond to medications and how we obtain nutrients from our food are driven by this. Even our likelihood to develop certain diseases is dictated by information in our DNA.

Please note the DNA Based Lifestyle Program will not be addressing if an individual has a tendency for developing certain diseases. This program will also not include any medical diagnosis or advice. Those types of evaluations are available, but are not in the scope of what is offered in your report by us.

This program will only focus on suggested lifestyle choices.

Small changes in lifestyle based on this information can have a tremendous impact on your quality of life going forward.

What to Expect

  • Initially you’ll meet with Allyn Evans. The initial appointment takes approximately 60 minutes.
  • The next step will be to provide a saliva sample to be sent for testing your individual DNA (DNA testing is included in the overall cost).

We use popular services, which can also provide you information about your ancestors. Hint! If you have already been tested, we can use the results from previous analysis, which will save you money!

  • When the results come back from the testing company, which usually takes 6 to 7 weeks, we will use the raw DNA data to get a thorough look at your genetics. If you already have been tested, then we can get your evaluation much quicker! Your raw DNA data will be reviewed to better understand and help us create a lifestyle plan to support your overall health and move you towards your personal wellness and fitness goals.
  • After we’ve received the DNA data, we'll need an additional 48 hours to complete the analysis. After that, we’ll ask you to come in for a second meeting with Allyn. You’ll receive both your raw data and a printout of the recommendations that will be discussed with you.

Before you leave, you will have a plan and recommendations for exercise and lifestyle based on the evaluation and your personal goals. We have found this to be a valuable tool while supporting your success based on your own genetic dispositions.

Phase Two

If you would like to have more help and support with your program, we are happy to schedule regular meeting times as well as provide email and phone support to help you be successful as you alter your lifestyle choices.

We offer different levels ranging from $50 a month to higher, depending on your preference or needs.

We can provide specific workout and lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA profile, and meet with you on a regular basis to monitor your progress. Our desire is to support your efforts as you make lifestyle changes and move in to the direction of balance, homeostasis and improved wellbeing.

Our Levels of Support

Level I:

We encourage you to select one of our support levels. We just find people are more successful when they do.

We love to help you!

Level II:

  • $100/month for six months
  • One in-person meeting and unlimited email and phone support
  • $480.00 one-time fee

Select the best for you.

Level III:

Don't live in the area, email Allyn. We can have a video or phone call to start the process.

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What is Required to be Successful in this Program?

We believe in small incremental changes. What we do is educate you and then design a program that is designed for long-term success. This means it's not about making significant changes. Although, what we recommend will be based on your DNA evaluation and also our investigation of peer-reviewed research, we believe all individuals can experience success on the level they are willing to follow the recommendations.

Program Plus!

People tend to lose weight as a natural byproduct of making choices better suited for your genetic makeup.

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