Sound Medicine

Allyn in one of the control rooms at The Monroe Institute.

Sound Medicine

We like to call it Sound Medicine because there are so many practical and health related benefits to adding this simple to use and inexpensive tool to your tool box.

It's not medicine ... it's sound frequencies that are wonderful complements to conventional treatments. The sound technology does not interfere with any other program you are following.

And, who better to educate you about it than Allyn Evans.

Allyn is one of 20 residential trainers nationwide at The Monroe Institute.

Robert Monroe is the innovative thinker who with the help of his researchers discovered the value of binaural beats. This discovery led to the creation of Hemi-Sync, a sound technology that can produce a frequency following response in the brain and lead one to experience purposeful states of consciousness, which can be beneficial for healing, relaxing and reducing stress.

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What is Sound Medicine?

It’s a means to restore health by helping the body reach it’s natural healing frequencies. There are many studies to support the effectiveness of binaural beats. We'll be adding more information soon. In the meantime happy to share, just email.


Please note that the Sound Medicine program is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure, nor it does it prevent any disease. We introduce complementary tools to support conventional treatments.

Sound Medicine

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As her partner Dr. Brian Dailey is known to say: "It's inexpensive, non-addictive and easy to use and it just might help you!"