EM2 Reiki Practitioners

EM2 Reiki and Sound Healing Practitioners

Our practitioners are trained in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. They are also trained to use sound technology in their practice, which we have discovered enhances the experience for the practitioner and the client.

United States

Christine Flores

Reiki Master Practitioner


Christine Flores is a Reiki Master Practitioner who attended Energy Medicine Squared Reiki training at The Monroe Institute with Allyn Evans and Brian Dailey. In 2011, Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer and used Reiki to assist in her healing. She also, thanks to her Dad, asked the members of the Dolphin Energy Club (DEC), a remote healing organization created by The Monroe Institute, to help her. Christine also used the Hemi-Sync Cancer Support series, which includes exercises titled Chemotherapy Companion and Radiation Companion. Both of these exercises were written by Brian Dailey.

Christine was able to add these supportive modalities in combination with conventional medical therapies prescribed by her Oncology team. Christine reached her five year “cancer-free” milestone in November 2016.

She is also trained in Reiki Angel Healing and Holy Fire.

As a cancer survivor, Christine has dedicated her life to “paying-it-forward.”

According to Christine: "Currently, I am in my 8th year of survivorship and continue to share my journey. I am also a HEMP distributor and recently licensed as a Life and Health Insurance Agent. I am in the process of educating myself on which companies are open minded and friendly to cancer survivors. As I discover the participating partners. I will share my findings with all.”

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William H. Kelly, III

Reiki Master Practitioner


William H. Kelly III is an award-winning writer and photojournalist, empath, psychic, hugger, and “old spirit.” Starting his spiritual journey as a freshman in college at Jackson State University, William began his quest for deeper knowledge and understanding of how the Universe “works.” William noticed at a young age that he was always able to feel other’s emotions and was great at guessing games, but during his sophomore year in college his perception expanded from guessing to knowing.

In October 2018, William begun his journey towards becoming a Yoga Instructor, Certified Psychic and Reiki Master Teacher.

William earned a BS in Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Art (May 2019) from Jackson State University. William proudly shares his smile and spiritual journey with those interested, as he is always learning and propelling towards ascending and growing for himself and others. He is currently a Reiki Master Practitioner taught by Allyn Evans, MBA, RMT. William utilizes healing crystals, crystal wands, and Hemi-Sync sound technology for Reiki healing.

To book a session or learn more, email yogisage11@gmail.com. You can also schedule appointments and find a list of services on the “YogiSage” Facebook Page.

Services Provided: Reiki Energy Healing, Guardian Angel Connections, Spirit Guide Connections, Dream Interpretations, Public Speaking, Psychic and Intuitive Guidance.

Jason Lee

Reiki Master Practitioner


Jason is a Mississippi native with a background in nursing, social services and non-profit management. He has been utilizing Energy Medicine and complimentary/alternative modalities since graduating from the Mississippi School of Therapeutic Massage in 2000. He is a Licensed Practical Nurse and has practiced in long term care, Alzheimer’s/memory care, rehabilitation, and pediatric home care. He is the owner and founder of LifeSpan Home Care Services, LLC where he provides Memory Care consulting and private nursing services to families supporting individuals with dementia. Jason came to Energy Medicine Squared because of a desire to provide more balanced and holistic approaches to health/healing for his clients.

Jason is currently Reiki I and II certified by Allyn Evans, MBA, RMT and utilizes Hemi-Sync sound technology and crystal singing bowls for healing sessions. He is currently studying qigong with plans to become a certified instructor. Jason loves traveling/Mexico, learning, all things advocacy and spending time with family and friends.

To book a session or contact Jason, email jlee.pyramidhealingarts@gmail.com

You can also follow Jason on his Facebook page “Pyramid Healing Arts.”

Gina Palmer

Reiki Master Practitioner


Gina Palmer is an Usui Reiki Master who received training from four different Reiki Masters, each with their own specialization. Gina completed the Energy Medicine Squared training at The Monroe Institute and is a Transcendental Meditation graduate. Trained in the application and benefits of essential oils, Gina is a self described: "Avid health food nut!" She enjoys using a combination of Reiki, food and essential oils to create a positive space for blissful meditation and natural healing.

She has always been drawn to the mystical side of life and has a life-long interest in parapsychology. Gina, a life-long learner on the subject, has read hundreds of books. Gina discovered Reiki when facing her own back-to-back physical challenges.

Gina explains: "Having personally experienced such a deep, debilitating pain, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to face life each day. I have a deep empathy for those who have experienced that level of pain and wholeheartedly yearn to be the guiding light back toward the path of self-discovery and self-love. I look forward to meeting you and serving as a healing channel for you on your journey!"

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Rachel Vaessler

Reiki Master Practitioner


Rachel Vaessler is a Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Teacher (200 RYT), fitness instructor, Certified Health Coach, Certified Soul Mastery Coach, Motivational Speaker, Certified Psychic Medium, and educator.

A serious car accident served as a wake-up call for Rachel. She declared that she was ready for all that the Universe had in store for her, and the coaches, mentors, and opportunities began to appear. Her walk in faith and trust led her to Reiki.

Rachel has a holistic approach to wellness and believes that we are meant to live in joy and in the most expansive versions of ourselves. She helps women heal, create the life they desire, break free of limiting beliefs, discover their passion and purpose, and master their mindsets.

Services offered: Reiki Sessions, Reiki Trainings, 1:1 Soul Coaching, 1:1 Health Coaching, Group Coaching Programs, and Intuitive and Mediumship Readings.

Learn more about the services Rachel offers at www.rachelvaessler.com

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Anya Richardson

Reiki Master Teacher

Southport, UK

Anya is a certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Sound Therapist working in the Northwest of England. She opened a healing practice: The Crytsalline Company in her hometown of Southport in 2019.

Anya attended the first Energy Medicine Squared course held in the United Kingdom with TMI UK in 2018. This course amalgamated all of her areas of interest and helped her gain a greater understanding of how profoundly energy is able to affect the mind and body. Her aim is to share this understanding, showing that energy healing can and should be utilised by anybody and everybody in their quest for wellbeing.

Anya incorporates Reiki, crystals, Hemi-Sync and also crystal singing bowls into her therapy to create a multi-sensory healing experience.


The Crytsalline Company, 8 Wesley Street, Southport UK, PR8 1BN

Please note that EM2 does not offer medical advice or diagnosis. You are encouraged to discuss the complementary and alternative modalities you are using with your primary healthcare provider. The tools used by EM2 and collaborators are designed to be supportive of (complementary) to conventional treatments.