International Workshops

Have suitcase! Will travel!

We love our international trips that we take to teach energy healing modalities and so much more. We've also recently teamed up with Winn Journeys (more on that soon) to offer what we are calling Transformation Tours. Several workshops and trips are already planned for 2020! We keep adding trips and dates. So, keep checking back, we might just be near you! Of course, you can always join us no matter how close you actually live.

Our next international trips for 2020 include so far:

Bimini, Bahamas (Swim with Wild Dolphins)-May 17-23

France (Transformation Tour)-Joan of Arc! June 2-14

Italy (Energy Medicine Squared Workshop)-June 27-July 1

England (Energy Medicine Squared Workshop)-July 4-10

France (Transformation Tour)-Mary Magdalene! September 1-12

We are still in the process of booking Canada, Spain and hopefully Italy for Energy Medicine Squared. This might have to be scheduled for 2021. We'll keep you posted.

If you want more information, please email us.