Meditate Like the Masters

Meditation without long-term discipline or a guru.

Riding the wave of awesomeness.

It's true! You can reach and maintain brain states Zen Masters take decades to do.

Even better, we can measure this!

What is the sound technology we use?

Our favorite is Hemi-Sync. We use it all the time. You'd be hard pressed to attend an event where we aren't using Hemi-Sync! Want to check out all the titles? Or, you can just scroll down to the bottom of this page. You'll see it!

We have Meditate Like the Masters Events scheduled for Mississippi coming soon at The Soul Synergy Center.


This is where it gets interesting ...

A Buddhist monk once told a Monroe Institute facilitator, "It has taken me thirty years to learn what you teach here in a week."

This story later was repeated in The Wall Street Journal.

In 1994, a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal reported the opinion of the head of the Zen Buddhist temple in Vancouver, British Columbia that "Gateway students can reach meditation states in a week that took [me] 30 years of sitting." (The Wall Street Journal, September 20, 1994)

How Can You Meditate Like the Masters?

There are as many ways as the fingers on your hand.

Yes, there are many ways for you to experience deep, deep meditative states. Our favorite way is to use a sound technology designed to help you reach brain states Zen Masters have trained for years to do. What's even better, after practice, you will be able to reach these states without the technology, if desired.

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We have workshops that we offer in the United States and abroad. We will soon offer online programs that you will be able to experience from your living room.

Here's the Hemi-Sync catalog.

There are over 300 titles. We are more than happy to help you figure it out. All you have to do is email us.

"Just so you know ... Your Higher Self always knows what is happening. What looks like a big mess could be the best thing in the world. Open up that line of communication and start seeing your life through the eyes of your expanded, enlightened self. It's a much more pleasurable ride."

— Allyn Evans

"We are not sure we should share this secret. But, it's true, especially when you add Hemi-Sync. You are helping your brain and your body as you sleep. So, if you cannot find a way to add a meditation practice, use Hemi-Sync while you sleep. It will have tremendous benefits!"

Sleep is the best meditation.

—Dalai Lama

Robert Monroe is known for saying: "Fear is the great barrier to human growth."

With repeated use of the sound technology and through directed guidance, you can learn to step away from making fear-based choices to living a more joyful and hopeful life.