We Love to Talk to You! Email Works Too

Contact us! We mean it.

We offer workshops, events and information on all things energy medicine! To contact us, please email: allyn@energymedicinesquared.com or call Allyn Evans at 405-612-7782.

We are located in Naples, Florida, but travel anywhere! We also have a location in Rochester, NY.

Want to know more about how to enhance your meditative practice?

We'd love to help.

We schedule 30-minute phone or online appointments to better understand your goals and challenges so we can design a plan that will help you be successful. We can help you also select one or more meditation selections (downloads less than $15) to support your journey.

There is no charge for a planning session. Email us to schedule.

We have a local meditation group.

Yay! Check it out! That is super exciting to us. There is no charge to attend. Join us regularly or when it is convenient for you.

Our only request is that you let us know you are coming as we can accommodate a limited number.

Want even more details?

You can find out more by visiting Meditate Like the Masters.