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We'd love to see you here with us!

Our photo gallery is packed full of guest speakers and participants who join us for our events. We want to add your picture here!

We love this picture. Check out the heart shaped chakra reflected using our biofield imaging software.

Reiki I and II at the Soul Synergy Center, Flowood, MS February 2020


And more practice!

Our new Reiki practitioners.


Crystal and Biofield Fun with Brian Dailey, MD. Flowood, MS and Vicksburg, MS January 2020

Our new Reiki I and II practitioners and a few Master Teachers too!

We enjoyed lunch on Sunday!

Reiki I and II at the Soul Synergy Center, Flowood, MS December 2019

Our new Reiki I and II practitioners and a few Master Teachers too!

We enjoyed lunch on Sunday!

Practicing Chair Reiki!

Practicing on the tables. :)

Energy Medicine at The Monroe Institute, August 2019

Before the participants arrive! We had 26 sign up!

Our amazing Energy Medicine Group ... and a full house! We have eight on the waiting list! BTW, we wear white to get better biofield images.

Giving our dear friend and Residential TMI Trainer/India Nikate Khaitan his Reiki certificate. Thanks Nikate for helping us and giving a presentation.

This was just something the group did while we were waiting for the biofield system to reboot.

Our amazing participants!

The mystery man under the blanket is Brian Dailey. He needs to block out the sun. Nikate and Jane Coleman are giving him a hard time!

Crystal All-Day Intensive with Biofield Imaging, Soul Synergy Center, Flowood, MS August 2019

Allyn pointing out the unusual energy showing up on the back of the wall.

What a great MS group we had! We had fun playing with the biofield imaging. Brian will be back!

Another interesting formation we saw in our room during the one-day intensive.

What a great MS group we had! We had fun playing with the biofield imaging. Brian will be back!

Energy Medicine Squared in Geneseo, NY, July 2019

We started our days doing QiGong led by Shannon Chanler

Allyn and Brian

Brian playing a gong in the chapel on Shannon's property.

The gang!

Allyn playing a crystal bowl.

Tommy Gravino came and played the flute for us!

Brian demonstrating dowsing rods.

Brian teaching EM2

Playing with the dowsing rods.

The screen door view!

One of our Reiki Share sessions.

Master Reiki Practitioner (Soul Synergy Center) Flowood, MS, June 2019

One of the newest Reiki Master Practitioners at The Soul Synergy Center. What a pleasure!

What a great MS group we had! Here are some of the participants for the June 2019 class. :)

Energy Medicine at The Monroe Institute, March 2019

What a great group of people showed up for this amazing program! We had the place a buzzing!

One of our guest speakers, Leslie France, telling us about crystal grids.

Our participants goofing off! Thanks for a week of laugh-till-you-good-cry laughter.

Allyn reacting to something Brian said. Yep, we laugh a lot! The Dynamic Duo!

Becky making fun of Brian Dailey who is under the towel. He is trying to see his computer in the sun!

Participants listening to another guest lecture. We normally do this via projector, but it wasn't our night.

Waiting for things to start. We are very timely ... and do our best to keep us all on schedule.

Participating walking to the big crystal.

Reiki I and II in Flowood, MS, March 2019

William Kelly completing his Reiki II Certification. He is already setting up a practice at the Soul Synergy Center!

Allyn Evans, RMT and Jason Lee celebrating the completion of his Reiki II certificate! Can't wait to see where you take this!

Allyn Evans offers individual sessions and workshops at her office at the Soul Synergy Center. For individual sessions, book here.

Energy Medicine at The Monroe Institute, October 2018

Setting up! This is only 1/4 of the crystals we bring.

More set up! Our new photo cube to help us take really great biofield images.

This was easier to put together than put away. Wish we had that on video! We laughed a lot.

Training! The part we love.

We are ready for participants! Our set up takes us one full day! :)

Allyn and Brian doing their thing.

We are doing the attunements. We ask participants to wear white to help us "see" the energy body more effectively.

Because we have repeaters and Reiki Masters attend, we always have several to help with the attunements.

We go to a local crystal store during the afternoon break (for those who want to join us).

After learning all about crystals, it's fun to go to the Virginia Rock Shop!

Brian and Allyn leading the program.

Let the training begin!

A morning view!

Leslie France made a crystal grid for us and shared her expertise! Thanks, Leslie!

Our good friend and TMI Supporter/regular TMI Participant, Candace Sanderson asked us to take a picture holding her newly released book.

The gang! What a great week we had.

Brian, Allyn, Fred Rible (Participant, Residential Trainer and Board Member) and Bob Holbrook (Participant, Residential Trainer and Director of Innovation). We got a bit silly.

The white ... is because we also took some biofield images of it.

Energy Medicine at The Monroe Institute, March 2018

Getting ready for our workshop at The Monroe Institute. We were up at Robert's Mountain Retreat Center. It's a great place to have a workshop!

Doing a Reiki Table Session in the Cabin at RMR

Allyn Evans with her mom, who attended.

Making dowsing rods.

In the White Carpet Room for the "talking" part.

Brian Dailey doing his thing!

Solving all the world's problems, of that we are sure.

Speaking from his heart, as always.

Taking the biofield imagine of the group. That's why everyone is wearing all white. It shows up better when you do.

Our short trip to the local crystal shop with the expert, Brian Dailey.

Meal time! We had plenty of good food to eat.

Hanging out during a break.

More sharing.

Biofield imaging life view.

Energy Medicine The Monroe Institute, July 2018

Participant group photo in white for biofield imaging

The gang! Why the white outfits? It helps us "see" better when using our biofield imagining software.

Brian Dailey, MD receiving reiki

Brian Dailey getting the royal treatment!

Participants being biofield imagined during reiki attunement

Capturing Reiki attunement using the biofield imagining software.

Participants with Allyn Evans and Brian Dailey, Monroe Institute

Allyn Evans with participants at The Monroe Institute, Energy Medicine course July 2017

Brian Dailey, MD teaching at Monroe Institute

Brian Dailey at The Monroe Institute, Energy Medicine course July 2017

Allyn Evans, Scooter McMoneagle, Brian Dailey with participants Monroe Institute

Participants with Scooter McMoneagle (Executive Director and President of TMI), Brian Dailey and Allyn Evans at The Monroe Institute, July 2017.

Saying goodbye at Monroe Institute

Always the hardest part .... saying goodbye! See you in October. That is when the next Energy Medicine Squared (EM2) class will be held at the Monroe Institute.

Allyn Evans and Brian Dailey in Monroe Institute control room

Allyn Evans and Brian Dailey in the control room (where it ALL happens) at The Monroe Institute, Energy Medicine course July 2017

U-haul trailer attached to the back of SUV

Don't worry! We'll be back in Virginia at The Monroe Institute soon!

More Pictures from other Events ...

Brian Dailey and Allyn Evans at TMI
Brian Dailey and Luca in Italy, April 2017

Brian speaking in Creazzo, Italy (April 2017)

Bimini Bahamas swimming with dolphins

Allyn hanging with the dolphins!

We're going back to The Monroe Institute again. We also went to England in September 2018. Spain is in May 2019 and we're talking to the folks in Italy (for more) and also Singapore. You can come too!

Oh, did I forget to mention Bimini, Bahamas in May? Our next Bimini trip is May 19-25, 2019

We'll come see you too. Just ask!

Check out our events! We might be near you or going to a destination you have always wanted to go.

More pictures from amazing places!

Brian demonstrating energy fields with dowsing rods, Purley Chase Centre, England (Sept 2018)

Purley Chase Centre, Near Birmingham, England, September 2018

Brian Dailey and Allyn Evans with Pam and Luigi Sciambarella. They picked us up at the Manchester airport and we made our way to Purley Chase Centre by way of a fun lunch place, a book signing and countryside drive.

Allyn Evans and Luigi Sciambarella at Purley Chase Centre, England. About to eat some really good food. We had fun eating England style.

Biofield Imaging pictures. Yes, we have lots of fun sharing the technology with participants.

Allyn Evans with participants!

Energy healing and Biofield Imagining ... working together.

Purley Chase Centre

Beautiful view in the back!

Allyn Evans and Wouter Bosman, Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer in Amsterdam. Wouter attended our course in England.

Brian Dailey and Allyn Evans training Energy Medicine Squared.

Allyn Evans in the control room, where the magic happens.

The master biofield imager, Brian Dailey, at work!

England, we will be back! What an amazing trip. Thanks Luigi and Pam Sciambarella.

We even stopped long enough to shoot a few videos see the thumbnail pictures below ... actual videos are coming soon!

More pictures ...

Allyn couldn't find her regular glasses so put on her prescription sunglasses to SEE and help people learn how to listen to Hemi-Sync! Dr. Dailey thought it was picture worthy!

A group picture of some participants for the Naples December 2017 event.