Why Have a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki Rocks ... That is Why!

Reiki makes Dr. Oz’s list of effective medical alternatives that boost overall health and wellbeing.

Oz said: “I actually feel the heat,” he says. Tying this warming sensation to a feeling of reduced tension and body-mind harmony.

According to the International Association of Reiki Practitioners:

Reiki energy healing, in particular, makes Oz’s list of effective medical alternatives that boost health and wellbeing.

Why? Put simply, its ability to re-balance bodily and cognitive systems as not only an instant potential pain reliever, but also a long-term preventive therapy. Offering a non-invasive complement to Western therapies, Reiki may help ease conditions like headaches, arthritis and high blood pressure.

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Please note every session is different and one does not always experience heat from the practitioner’s hands.

Why Get a Reiki Treatment?

Not only does a Reiki treatment support the physical body, it can also promote a more joyful, balanced state of being. Some clients and students share that it led them to more purposeful living and a calmer life.

A person does not need to be ill to benefit from a Reiki session. It can be a preventive tool.

Balancing one’s system can help with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress and pain.

Benefits You Might Experience

1. Promotes harmony and balance.

2. Provides for deep relaxation and can help release stress and tension.

3. Promotes homeostasis between mind, body and spirit, which can mean a more balanced state of being and experiencing life.

4. Enhances the ability for the system to cleanse itself of toxins, which supports immune functioning.

5. Provides for a better sleep experience.

6. Accelerates the ability for the body to self-heal due to focus on balance and homeostasis.

7. Increases the possibility to relieve pain while helping the physical body heal.

8. Impacts emotional healing while addressing physical wholeness and wellbeing.

9. Works effectively with conventional medical treatments and other traditional and nontraditional therapies.

Reiki with a Sound Practitioner Amps It Up!

Allyn is one of 20 residential trainers nationwide for The Monroe Institute, the world's leading residential educational center for exploring expanded states of consciousness. The institute's founder is the creator of Hemi-Sync, a sound technology that has benefited many people and has been well researched.

Adding Hemi-Sync and Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM), developed at The Monroe Institute, to the sessions really does amp up the impact.

Binaural beats and SAM have been shown to enhance mental, physical and emotional states. While experiencing your Reiki session you will be listening to Hemi-Sync or Spatial Angle Modulation sound technology. Doing so helps you reach much deeper relaxed states more quickly while giving you the opportunity to be in a whole brain state, which has shown to be beneficial for healing and wellbeing.

Some of the benefits one can receive during a Reiki session using sound technology:

  • Enhances the relaxation experience. Clients report experiencing deep relaxed states beyond previous experiences.
  • Facilitates the ability to perceive and experience subtle energies.
  • Enhances the possibility of the client tapping into intuition and knowing during a session.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress-related responses.

Some of the benefits with continued use:

  • Eliminates or decreases sleeping problems
  • Reduces the necessity for sleeping supplements
  • Increases dream memory
  • Enhances intuition and perception of subtle energies
  • And much more ...

Still Not Convinced?

In O, The Oprah Magazine Dr. Erin Olivo, a former director at Columbia University's Integrative Medicine Program, commented that Reiki can be beneficial to people who are challenged with heart conditions and stress-related symptoms.

Pulling the celebrity and well-known athletes card ... reportedly Reiki is used by Christina Aguilera, golfer Phil Mickelson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ellen DeGeneres.

But something even more telling ... there was a 2010 survey of US hospitals inquiring about their inclusion of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Apparently, 85 percent of responders indicated it was because of patient demand CAM therapies were being added. There top reason for doing so: "Clinical effectiveness."