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Monroe Institute, Energy Medicine course

Brian Dailey, MD, at The Monroe Institute, July 2017 ... Before all the participants arrive!

Participants in Energy Medicine Course, Monroe Institute

One of Juan Lata's sessions

I am very pleased to tell you that I took a blood test on Friday to find out about my hemoglobin levels, and I got the results today. From 11.8 a month ago, it came up to 13.0. I believed what you guys did to me on the table (energy session) did have an impact on my hemoglobin levels. Well, . . . it did!!! For that, I am indebted to all of you, besides many other blessings I received at the training.

Please pass this information to the group, as I know they will be happy to hear about it. After all, you were all contributors to this result.

Many thanks! Many blessings!

Juan Lata, Energy Medicine Participant

I saw my 94 yr old Dad who lives six hours away. I had sent him some information about Reiki after the workshop and said we would do it when I got up there. At the start of the 10-15 minute walk to the car (he walks with a walker and very slowly), he tells me that he has been having brain fog. Without telling him, I do remote Reiki for the duration of the walk. Before we go out the door he tells me that he was a little confused as his brain fog had completely lifted. I started laughing and told him the story.

It may be hard for me to pry my Reiki manual out of his hands. I will likely attune him when I go back up to see him in June.




Glenn Weiner, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified in Neurofeedback

Participants at Energy Medicine, Monroe Institute

Brian Dailey, MD, teaching at The Monroe Institute

William Kelly, Reiki II Certified

I know this is very "overdue," but I wanted to make sure I did your skills and performance as a teacher justice. Let me start off by saying that my Reiki experience was absolutely amazing in every way. We laughed and learned so much about healing with Reiki and the Hemi-Sync sound technology and all of it WORKS effectively. Being able to feel and perceive energy and then practice and explore techniques while in class goes a long way.

Allyn, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to share this ability with others. I so look forward to the Master Teacher levels in the coming months and I am excited to be working alongside you. To anyone considering taking or receiving reiki, DO IT.

Shortly after becoming attuned, I had someone tell me (who didn't know was Reiki II certified) that they felt something "shoot up their arm" when I shook their hand. I had a client whom I perceived imbalance in their throat area, and at the end of the session they shared that they were feeling sickness in their throat. Every day I utilize this gift and ability to heal myself and others, even if it's just through a quick hug. In the one month that I've been Reiki II attuned, these are some of the notes and feedback I've received from clients:

· Felt "release" during sweeping technique.

· Felt "pressure" in ears and head area.

· Felt tingling energy from stones and crystals

· Felt energy "moving" throughout body

· One of the most relaxed states they've experienced

· Mind stopped worrying, felt like they were "floating"

· Felt release from depression and stress

· Felt in between a state of being sleep and awake

From a participant ...

who joined in to our online meditation course. The meditation we used was a free download from The Monroe Institute calls Healing Journey's.

Hi Allyn,

This morning, the skin on my big toe was totally broken, red and raw under the break and my entire toe was red. It's not 100% closed up and healed right now, but this is a phenomenal improvement.

During the meditation, I was sending a lot of healing energy to that toe as it was incredibly painful. It doesn't hurt right now, the raw is gone, the red is almost completely gone and I'm amazed.

I'll be repeating the meditation regularly to finish the healing, then to keep this toe well. It's been about a month that it's been problematic and I believe it will not be an issue any longer.

Blessings and Gratitude,


And a follow up note six days later ...

Healing really well, no red anywhere and just a bit of itchy ~ a sign of healing. There's no pain! This was open and raw. Not any more. Rather astonishing!!

I'm just in awe of the power of meditation healing; with the Hemi-Sync and magnified by all the participants. It's just incredible!!



We love witnessing transformation and healing.

Hi Allyn,

I want to thank you so very much for all of the gifts that I received from you at Monroe. It was a lovely, lovely week and I am still trying to digest all that I gained.

As I tried to say to you there, I really appreciated your cat herding efforts and deft skill in doing so. At times it may not be fun to be the herder but it was your intermittent structure and stability that made the learning process so efficient. You guys are a wonderful team and you really packed in a lot.Just received my digital thermometer and will start playing. Thanks again for the suggestion of trying to heat up a crystal, it was a great experience.

Please let me know of any way that I can be of help. I am happy to do a video endorsement if you like. Let me know if you want me to record it, answering your questions, or how. I think I tried to friend you on FB and did “like” your site, but I am not a frequent FB user, so if I need to do anything else let me know. Yes it is fine to list me on your website if you like, I will have to update my bio.

Thanks again and I hope that we see each other soon,

Glenn Weiner, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified in Neurofeedback

Georgina also painted the Reiki Principles on the back of her door. Love it!

I started working at a Reiki studio last night. I received a key to the office and my business cards, etc. The studio I’m working at is the same one I started with as a client almost three years ago.

It’s just amazing to me how things happen! Any how - one of the things that I had to do was give this woman (who is psychically gifted and incredibly talented with Reiki) a Reiki session. Talk about being nervous.....and excited to work and receive feed back from her, but generally nervous!! lol!!

The session went wonderfully and right before it ended, I had this incredibly BLISSFUL feeling come over me. I was taken back to the last day of the Energy Medicine Squared program when we were packing and the song Over the Rainbow was playing and the sun was shining.

Blissful is first, the level of peace I felt that day was the off the charts and it is still one of my happy places I go to when I’m stressed. I was so incredibly grateful for the experience, I felt love and understanding because I was with people who were like minded and searching for the same knowledge! I cannot thank you enough for what you and Brian do!!

The environment you created, the care you took to get to know each one of us individually, the importance you placed on us as a group getting to know one another....every aspect of the class was extremely well thought out and executed with a level of love and respect that I’ve never experienced before - in any learning facility! You both are simply priceless to me!! I love and respect the both you tremendously!! Thank you....for everything!!!

Georgina Palmer, Energy Medicine Participant

Yesterday was awesome! What a great group of folks and an enlightening workshop!

It was such a pleasure meeting you, Allyn, yesterday. You and Brian make a good team. So, again, thank you!!

Linda D, Rochester, NY Workshop Participant

Reiki treatment, Monroe Institute

Allyn enjoying a session at The Monroe Institute

Dr. Brian Dailey, teaching at Monroe Institute

Brian Dailey, MD, teaching at The Monroe Institute, July 2017

Brian, I worked on his whole body at once as you suggested and sent love, healing and balance in his highest good through his physical, non-physical self and spiritual all self!:)

It was a wonderful, loving experience.

I can't emphasize enough how gratifying it was to do this session. SOOO purposeful, balanced and full of love!

Sending love and gratitude!

Christine Flores, Energy Medicine Participant

Thank you all it was such an amazing experience and journey with you all.. it has certainly fired me up to start sharing my energy with others...

I found the workshop very invigorating. It got me back into my own mindfulness. The Hemi-Sync really got me in tune with myself. I want to use with my clients. The Hemi-Sync has also helped my daughter with migraines and my husband with his anxiety. I would most certainly recommend this course to someone else!

Please keep in touch!

Judy Joannides

Best week of my life! Thank you for being loving and patient instructors.

Eve Gimmel with Robin

"I found the Energy Medicine workshop extremely empowering at a personal level. My interest in the techniques taught is primarily for self-healing, spiritual development and assisting friends and family. Brian and Allyn are collectively a fountain of knowledge and teach the various techniques in a very accessible way and I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in energy medicine. I would love to attend other workshops run by Brian and Allyn."

Please come back to England with other workshops!

P.M. England Participant 2018

We always have something going on.

I really enjoyed the Energy Medicine Squared course. Allyn and Brian made a great team in delivering the course, they kept it light and upbeat while managing to cram in a lot of content.

I learned a great deal including techniques, which I feel I can add to my own personal Reiki practice and have given me the confidence to think about sharing it with others.

The Hemi-Sync sound meditation added another layer to the course, which enhanced the experience, but also broke it up, making it easier to digest. I will continue to use it.

Overall I found the course fun, fulfilling and informative. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to others.

Warmest wishes, Anya McHugh

Energy Medicine Squared taught me valuable healing tools that I can use now for myself and with others.

I am planning to use the skills I learned in a practice where I want to help clients using Biofield imaging, crystal energy, Reiki and Hemi-sync combined.

Allyn Evans and Brian Dailey offer a well balanced program with information and practical exercises. You will learn a lot about energy medicine and you will experience it yourself too. Allyn and Brian create an inspiring open and fun atmosphere, making the participants feel comfortable and eager to learn.

If you want to explore or expand your own healing capabilities for private or professional use, I'd highly recommend looking into Energy Medicine Squared. Listening to the Hemi-Sync and SAM sound technology will get you in the right state to tap into your own healing potential. You will learn and work with Reiki and crystal healing techniques, which you will be able to put into practice right away when you get home. The Biofield imaging is an exciting and valuable tool showing us the 'invisible' world of energy healing and chakras on our camera and computer screen.

Wouter Bosman, Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer

A reflection on 2018 synchronicity around energy medicine ...

I was reflecting back on the year and I am amazed at how great people and events have come into my life this year. The month of January I went thru a list of questions around just what I wanted to accomplish in 2018. As I journeled the answers, one of my focus areas was to get back to Reiki and energy healing. Shortly after, I was browsing TMI's website and saw the Energy Medicine class for March. I signed up immediately. Brian, Allyn and the group of fellow learners were just what I needed to jump start me back into energy healing.

Namaste - Sharon

A treasure-trove in the downloads, so big thanks for the generous sharing. I'm still processing so much. Dreams shifting a lot too, new insights on many levels, due to breakthroughs of Energy Medicine Squared. Love you all!

Linda Leblanc, Greece

One day in my work place, a co-worker who I’ve known to be suffering from tennis elbow for several months now confided to me that she was in so much pain despite her going regularly to physical therapy. Her elbow pain on this day was so severe that she had difficulty putting on her work clothes in the morning.

.... I asked her if it is alright that I try a different approach to help her. I explained that I recently got my Reiki certification and would like to use this method of healing on her. She agreed without hesitation. Anything to find relief from pain. The session lasted 15-20 minutes. I sensed her anxiety and frustration.

.... I instinctively knew the healing was done.

.... I asked again her pain level. She said with eyes closed, “The pain was gone”. As she realized the truth of that statement, she opened her eyes. In those eyes, I saw and felt her sense of relief. Then she started crying. All the while thanking me for what I did.

I told her, it was not me who did the healing. It was from her. I was just there to allow it to happen. I acted as a guide. All the healing was already within her. IT NEEDED TO FLOW. All I did was give it room to flow.


An hour after the session, she was still pain free. A day later, she remained pain free. She asked me if I could do it again with her to make it last. I told her, I already showed her how it was done. Her body will remember and to trust it. She could do it on her own at home. She thanked me profusely. The news of her healing spread throughout the workplace. Now, I have others lined up to try how Reiki healing would work for them.

Margel Tom

It was so wonderful to spend time with you again. Last December's Reiki experience with Allyn and Dr. Dailey was such a gift! It changed me forever in the most beautiful way. It opened up my heart and my mind. Reiki is very much a part of everything I do now. Even my on-air work with hosting music, I'm sending Reiki with my voice. Even RE-BALs are now a major part of my every day.

Not sure I should tell you how many stones and crystals I've added into my life and my home and just how many I've been inspired to give to others! I've since done more research on crystals through A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce). I also added more Reiki materials by William Rand to my library.

The experience I had with Allyn and Dr. Dailey have enriched my life! Thanks Lenka for hosting this event.

Bethany Cagle

P.S. I'm looking forward to more opportunities with Allyn, Dr. Dailey and Lenka soon!

Workshop Participant