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Articles about sound, energy, Reiki and other modalities we have found helpful.

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Easy peasy meditating without dogma

Want something short, but sweet to read (and big on scientific mumbo jumbo), this article is about using sound technology when meditating.

Solving sleep issues

Have trouble sleeping? A whooping 40% of Americans do, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Actually, we think that is an understatement. Here's another easy to read article about improving your sleep.

For those left brain people out there

Here's an article co-written by Allyn Evans, Brian Dailey and Sergey Sorin about adding sound technology published in a scientific journal.

More left brain information

Bob Monroe created Hemi-Sync (Monroe Products), the sound technology that we think rocks! You can find research papers on their site.

A little for right and left brains ...

The Monroe Institute, the educational and research organization when it comes to Hemi-Sync, has a wealth of information about the sound technology. If you have an interest in reading about research and anecdotal stories, you will find it there.

We dug up an older article by Brian Dailey about teaching Reiki to physicians. Enjoy!

brian dailey article.pdf

This one never gets old

This is an interview featuring Brian Dailey and explains how sound technology helps, specifically when it comes to complementing traditional medical treatments.

Like to Watch Videos?

Dr. Brian Dailey has several that you might find interesting. He talks about Hemi-Sync, crystals, biofield imaging and more. The videos are all short!

There are also some videos on this channel showing the live-energy field (biofield imaging) that Brian Dailey utilizes in workshops and presentations. We really have fun with it! It's a wonderful way to see with your own eyes that energy is shifting and transformation is occurring.

Best Way to Experience Hemi-Sync: Amping It Up!

Want some additional tips about how to best experience Hemi-Sync, Allyn Evans gives you a complete list to help you get the most from your meditative sessions.