Best Way to Experience Hemi-Sync

Allyn Evans listening to Hemi-Sync

The Hemi-Sync ® Experience—Amped Up: recommendations on best practices

By Allyn Evans

As a regular user of hemi-sync and, well I also teach the stuff, I decided to put together a list of "best practices" to help your experience be better than it might otherwise be.

What's included? Tips to help you make the most of your hemi-sync listening experience.

The good news about all of the Hemi-Sync® selections, they are designed with a purpose in mind.

All you need to do is pick your reason to do an exercise:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Reduce pain
  3. Sleep better
  4. Experience personal growth

Oh and, you can also forget your worries for a bit.

Whole brain description using Hemi-sync

The other cool part of adding binaural beats to your practice is that the creators of Hemi-Sync have infused multi-layered frequencies, which not only enhance our experience, but also help us reach a whole brain state.

Why should we care about a whole brain, or synchronized state of being? It’s because when in this state we can access both hemispheres of the brain, simplistically put, we can gain information and guidance from both our creative and analytical sides.

Women listening to Hemi-Sync while sitting

Typically, especially if you select a guided exercise, your focus or intention will probably align with the stated purpose. But, keep in mind that it is the multi-layers of frequencies, which also drive and certainly enhance the experience.

  • Find a comfortable position, which can be lying or sitting down. Most people prefer to lie down, however, some will sit up to help them remain alert during the process. It is perfectly fine to lie on your side or back. You’ll be wearing headsets, which will also dictate your preferred position.
  • You’ll also want to remove shoes and belts or any binding clothes articles.
  • When finding a comfortable position, it is okay to move around during the exercise. The frequencies will help you remain in the experience whether you move around or keep your eyes open.

Keep Reading ...

  • You’ll want a blanket because when meditating, you might find that your body temperature drops.
  • Check your analytical mind at the door! We know the technology works because we can measure brainwave activity while someone is experiencing Hemi-Sync. We’re asking you to analyze the experience after you finish meditating. What’s even better, you don’t have to believe any of it to have your brain “follow” the frequencies to unique brain states.
  • Because we don’t live in a vacuum, you’ll probably find that many times during your meditative practice, you will hear external noises. The best way to deal with disturbances, like someone snoring, an elevator door dinging or a jackhammer on the street, is to tell yourself that these extra noises will take you deeper into the experience.

Woman meditating with Hemi-Sync
  • During your meditation sessions, you may experience an itch. You know what happens when you try to ignore a spot that is itching? Yep, you want to scratch it even more. If you do have an itch, then by all means, scratch it! Remember, the frequencies will keep you in the experience or help you return to a relaxed state.
  • It is not unusual to fall asleep while you are listening to Hemi-Sync. Some combinations of frequencies are destined to help you be more alert. If you consistently find yourself having trouble remaining awake, then you might want to consider trying Focus 10 combinations. The Wave I series includes Focus 10 exercises. Do realize that you benefit from using the sound technology even when sleeping!
  • You will know you are truly in a Focus 10 state when your body is asleep and your mind is alert. A most telling indication is when you hear someone snoring or breathing heavily and you get annoyed only to discover the perpetrator is you!

By Way of the Bathroom ...

  • Another good practice is to go to the bathroom before you meditate. If you ever read any of Robert Monroe’s books, the person who patented Hemi-Sync technology in the 1970s, his bladder would sometimes interrupt his experiences. You’ll hear Monroe Institute Trainers and even us frequently say: “By way of the bathroom,” as you make your way to experience a meditative exercise.
  • It is suggested that you turn the volume down to a comfortable level. The general recommendation is that you turn up the volume loud enough for you to hear the voice and understand what is being said. The reasoning is that if you have it turned up too loudly when the narrator’s voice returns, it might startle you. Of course, you are in complete charge. If you like it loud, then by all means crank it up!
  • It is highly recommended that you create a regular practice. Best times can be when going to bed and/or waking up in the morning. During the day can work too. If you can’t make time, then listen to it while you sleep. There are exercises designed to help you wake-up, sleep and relax. There are music selections and guided meditations. If you want suggestions to match your intended purpose, just email me (

Why am I crying?

  • You might experience a range of unsuspected emotions. Maybe, you will find yourself crying or laughing uncontrollably. You might also have muscle twisting or even aches and pain. Don’t worry, these physical discomforts tend to pass quickly. We perceive that the physical or energetic body is releasing blockages and are letting go of emotions, thoughts or feelings that no longer serve you.
  • Some people are seeking to heighten their intuitive abilities. If this is your goal, you will want to pay attention to how you access information. Research tells us there are only about 50 percent of the population who are visually dominate. But, it makes sense that we all perceive intuitive hits in different ways and we can’t all be visual, for example. For some people, it might be like watching a video or viewing a dream. For others, it might be a knowing or a feeling and still for others it might be hearing an internal voice. Many people will have a variety of ways they perceive information, but usually there are one or two dominate ways.
  • You might also find that the languaging for guided meditations tends to ask us to visualize, or rather to focus on someone who tends to be more visual. If this is not your dominate way, you can simply use your imagination when asked or instructed to visualize. Don’t make it about visuals popping up out of thin air. For example, if you are asked to visualize a tree, then remember what a tree looks like in your mind’s eye. Pay attention to smells, colors and new understandings as well. Engage all your senses with the intention of expanding your ability to perceive.
  • Don’t forget to write down your experiences during your meditation exercises. We find that it can be like a roadmap and a way to connect the dots as you make your choices in life. What you might find later when you return to what you wrote is a notebook filled with subtle nudges, which helped you along the way.
  • All the exercises have a starting and ending time. It’s okay, if you need to interrupt the exercise mid-stream. Just recognize that you might not be grounded and do something like splash cold water on your face or walk barefooted on the grass. You can also select a metamusic title with beta frequencies like Robert’s Mountain or Einstein’s Dream.
  • And, the best advice I can give you is to: Get out of your own way! Relax and enjoy. It’s inexpensive, easy and just might lead you somewhere amazing.

Ready to start? Figure out your intention and download a selection. We guarantee you will NOT regret it.

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