Surgical Support

Use 4.5 Times Less Pain Medicine After Having a Surgical Procedure

By Allyn Evans

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We are not the only ones saying that Hemi-Sync® helps people who are undergoing surgical procedures.

There's research out there that shows us that you can use up to 4.5 times less pain medicine, heal quicker and relax deeper just by listening to Hemi-Sync during and after your procedure.

Our inspiration is Gari Carter who underwent a decade of reconstructive surgery after having a near-fatal car accident. Let's just say she is a big fan of Hemi-Sync.

Will My Surgeon or Surgical Staff Let Me Do It?

Based on our personal experience, we have found that many surgeons are open to allowing you to listen to a "meditation" while you are undergoing surgery. We suggest explaining it as a meditation, because you will be listening to a guided meditation, if you use this series.

There's plenty of research out there to let us know listening to guided meditation helps, even without the binaural beats. But, why just do that, when you can do both?

My Surgeon Said Yes. What Now?

Purchase the download or CD of the Surgical Support Series. Load the selections on an iPod or media player. We suggest you don't use your cell phone.

Ask to be able to show the nurse who will be with in recovery how to work your device and what selection you will want to listen to while in recovery.

You might want to consider purchasing SleepPhones. You can wear these even after you are home and we think it's much more comfortable for extended use.

They Said No!

No worries. If you were told you could not listen to the selection during surgery. There's always recovery. But, if you are still told no, you can use it once your checked into your hospital room or returned home. If you are told double no, email us! We will give you some other selections for recuperation.

Here's What We Suggest

You'll get more information when you order the Surgical Support Series series. We are also always willing to help you understand best practices!

1. You'll play the Pre-Op selection before surgery to help you relax.

2. Then, if allowed, you'll play the Intra Op selection during surgery. There's another selection to play during surgery and yet another one to play during recovery.

3. During recuperation, you have three selections to help you. Surf is for sleeping. Energy Walk will help you relax and assists with down modulating pain. The recuperation selection is another one to help with healing.

Having Surgery? Sound Technology

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