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Just check with the National Sleep Foundation. A recent study claimed that 24% of women and 16% men said they didn’t feel rested upon awakening each day.

Article By Allyn Evans

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The Reality Is ...

We talk to a lot of people and many of these people report something similar, which makes me think that maybe there are more of us who don’t sleep well than is reported.

Personally, I know what’s it is like to not sleep well. About ten years ago, I had a similar issue. Here’s the thing. I thought it was normal. My belief: “This is life. I am aging and well, that’s what happens. The bladder wakes you up.” When I came to this conclusion, I awoke every two to three hours during the night.

Allyn Evans, Monroe Institute
Monroe Institute, Faber VA

Fast forward to 2017 ...

I now sleep six to seven hours on average every night. And on those rare occasions when I do have trouble sleeping (loud noise, traveling or monkey mind chatter), I have a way to make it better.

I stumbled across the solution while attending The Monroe Institute for the first time. And, it took a few trips back before it dawned on me what I needed to do. At the institute, when you sleep at night they pipe in frequencies (binaural beats) designed to aid one’s sleep.

Why is this such a big deal?

Some of you already know the answer. Your health is compromised and not sleeping well is probably one of your symptoms. We need restorative sleep, which we don’t get unless we are sleeping well. Research supports this need for a good night’s sleep. Doing so improves our health and immune system for starters.

What's a Girl to Do

I found myself asking friends and family if they had trouble sleeping. Their answers surprised me. Most complained about their quality of sleep. When I started looking at what the experts were saying about it, I was surprised by the National Sleep Foundation report I mentioned above. It also mentioned another stat: 45 percent of Americans experience insufficient sleep. My private little surveys, matched the report. As I continued to look into sleep issues, I discovered that lack of sleep, whether quality or not, can result in poor health. I found it interesting that in the report, more women reported having issues than men. Men, on the other hand, tend to have more sleep apnea and snoring challenges.

Restless Sleep
Drugs Effect on Brain

What is the Answer?

Believe me when I say this: “It’s not drugs!” That only makes matters worse and can alter your brain chemistry and neurology.

Of course, your doctor knows best and you'll always want to consult with your primary care provider before making any changes.

Don’t Give Yourself the Opportunity to Get Enough Sleep?

That one is an easy fix. Use that cell phone that is attached to your hip. It has apps that can help you schedule it all and set alarms to remind you it’s bedtime. Take small steps with the goal of sleeping most nights for seven to eight hours.

Sleep Better handwritten on tablet pc

If Quality of Sleep is Your Challenge, There Are Solutions

You can do what all the magazine articles say and change your “before-bed” habits, like go to the bed at the same time, drink fewer liquids as the night progresses, avoid alcohol and pick a consistent bed-time for starters.

Making some life changes, can indeed help. But, my thinking is: “Why do you want to do all that?”

I fixed my sleep issues by adding sound technology. My choice is Hemi-Sync, which is short for hemispheric synchronization. If you want to know more about Hemi-Sync, you are in luck! We have lots of articles about it and tons of video.

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Man sleeping on pillow

What does this mean?

For me, it’s a celebration! Most mornings, I wake up feeling rested. I rarely feel a need or a desire to take a nap. I also don’t get those bothersome colds or flus that seem to be around every season. Not only that, I always get good reports from my doctor (at least so far).

The Recommendation

Help yourself be well, feel rested and have an opportunity to reach your highest potential. Add Super Sleep (or one of the other sleep selections) to your nightly routine. Want a little more help figuring all this out?

  • We can provide specific instructions about how to download and suggested ways to use the selection during the night.

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Here's Dr. Brian Dailey explaining how Catnapper, a Hemi-Sync title, is great to get your power nap! This selection takes you through a sleep cycle in a shorter time period. You tend to wake up refreshed and feeling rested after only 30 minutes.

Here’s What I Did ...

I started this before downloads. Yep, I purchased a CD and then, started playing it at night. Thank goodness someone advised me that it might not be an overnight fix. “Don’t stop. It can take up to three months before you notice a difference, especially if your circadian cycle is messed up.”

Well, guess what? It took about three months.

Your circadian cycle is probably messed up, if you are not sleeping well.

Within three months, I was waking up every four to five hours. Then, over a three-year period it transitioned to five on average. Eventually, I made it to consistently sleeping seven hours straight. Some nights when I am really tired, I will go the full eight! I also, over time, found it easier to return to sleep on the rare occasion that I woke up in the middle of the night or had some excessive monkey mind chatter going on.

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