Reducing or Alleviating Side Effects of Chemotherapy

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Allyn Evans listening to Hemi-Sync

Cancer Patients Get Relief: Just Add Hemi-Sync®

By Allyn Evans

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Dr. Brian Dailey, MD, offers his cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy Hemi-Sync to help relieve the symptoms of treatment.

He reports that patients who use Hemi-Sync, which means listening to a sound technology using headsets while getting treatments, resting and sleeping, tend to do better and have fewer side effects.

He worked with patients who experienced limited or no nausea or vomiting, limited or no hair loss and who reported having energy to enjoy their friends and family.

Western and alternative medicine balance

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, commonly referred to as CAM

This idea of using complementary and alternative modalities to help people who are going through treatment isn’t new.

The Mayo Clinic tells us that these alternative therapies can help people relax, have more energy, reduce nausea and vomiting and help resolve sleep issues.

Gretchen Grimm's Story ...

Dr. Dailey often tells the story of a patient who touched him deeply. Gretchen Grimm (she has given permission for Dr. Dailey to use her name) was a 21-year old college student attending St. Bonaventure.

The year was 2007.

Gretchen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The treatment included 12 rounds of chemotherapy.

Due to her severe reaction, she only completed 4 of the scheduled treatments.

Gretchen’s reaction was so severe that she lost all her hair and it took over a year to regrow, a process after treatment stops that tends to take two to three months.

She took a year off from treatment ...

After the chemotherapy ended, Gretchen selected to follow an organic diet. Without treatment, her symptoms worsened. It was at this time that Dr. Dailey was asked to step in.

Bad news!

Gretchen's lab results indicated the condition had worsened.

The results of testing were not good. The tumor located next to her heart had quadrupled in size. Fluid had formed around both the heart and lungs (pericardial and pleural effusions).

The oncologist prescribed a standard treatment, which over the years has shown to be 97 percent effective for this type of cancer: the same chemotherapy she had tried before.

Dr. Dailey suggested adding some type of guided meditation to help her reframe her perceptions about the drug.

He suggested that she think of chemotherapy as a: “love potion.”

There was more ...

He also suggested that she think of her treatment as something especially formulated for her and prepared by an oncology pharmacist who created the treatment to help her become well.

cancer drugs

He also reminded her that if she experienced harsh side effects, it was a physical indication that the chemotherapy was doing its job.

Chemotherapy Companion Hemi-Sync CD Cover

According to Dr. Dailey: "This experience with Gretchen inspired me to approach The Monroe Institute and about creating an exercise combined with binaural beats for people undergoing cancer treatments."

Within a short period of time, the exercise Chemotherapy Companion had been created.

Keep reading, this story has a good ending ...

Even though, the production was expedited, the exercise was not complete until after Gretchen’s first (second round) chemotherapy session was completed.

Dr. Dailey arrived about 12 hours after treatment and found Gretchen in the bathroom where she had been hanging her head over the toilet for the last four hours.

She had already been sick for eight hours before that. He found her drained and exhausted. He helped her into bed and put a headset over her head and began playing the exercise.

With ease and grace, Gretchen made it to the finish line ...

After the exercise finished some 40 minutes later, Gretchen took off the headsets and replied: “That was awesome!”

She reported feeling well and immediately asked for lunch. From then on, she did not experience nausea or vomiting.

She was able to end her treatments four weeks ahead of schedule due to the positive response to the chemotherapy.

Gretchen experienced no hair loss and was able to attend her friend’s wedding as the maid of honor only one month later.

What Can You Do to Help Someone or Yourself?

Based on Dr. Dailey’s experience, we know adding Hemi-Sync to the treatment protocol helps people feel better.

To help you better understand how to incorporate Hemi-Sync, contact Allyn

If you prefer to watch a video of Dr Brian talking about the experience, we have that too!

Listed below are recommended Hemi-Sync selections.

Nausea and vomiting. We know of case after case people reporting that Hemi-Sync helped.. Chemotherapy Companion is a good title to use before, during and after treatment. There might be times when the patient prefers to hear music only. There are selections called Metamusic, which also include binaural beats.

Anxiety. There are verbally guided selections that can help someone reduce anxiety and relax. The Positively Ageless series is ideal. A selection titled: Transforming Life’s Challenges is another one that is recommended.

Fatigue. One of our favorite exercises is called Catnapper. A non-verbal exercise that is similar is called Hemi-Sync Nap. These exercises take you through a 90-minute sleep cycle in 30 minutes to help you have an invigorating nap. The beauty of these exercises is your brain is cycled through the brainwave states. You wake up alert because when the exercise is finished you are in a beta state, versus in a theta or alpha state upon awakening.

Sleep Challenges. Getting a good night’s sleep is challenging for 40 percent of Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Someone who is ill or undergoing treatments might have even greater challenges. Our favorite recommendation for getting a good night’s sleep is Super Sleep.

Brain Fog. Playing beta selections, like Concentration and Robert’s Mountain in the background over a speaker system can help someone be more alert and focused. You can go to the Hemi-Sync website and search for your favorite selections.

Pain and Physical Discomfort. There are Hemi-Sync exercises designed to down modulate pain. These can be most helpful to relax you. Also, they don’t bring you back to an alert state of awareness, which means you can easily go to sleep after listening. Transforming Life’s Challenges, which has already been mentioned before, is a good one. Pain Management is another one. This one not only relaxes the individual, but offers instructions that be used during waking states.

Relaxation. Any of the music selections (metamusic) are great for relaxing and reducing stress. You can play them over a speaker system or have them piped through your headsets. In addition to music, there is a combination of pink/white noise options. They also can be played using in variety of devices: phone, iPod, computer, CD player. There are over 300 titles and there is a nice selection of music and verbally guided selections.

We know it might be confusing. We are happy to help you. Email us.